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Love What You love


Zach Jones


With an encyclopedic knowledge of yesterday’s music and an awareness and appreciation for today’s, Zach Jones's music combines the raw energy and style of the 1960’s British pop explosion with 1970's power-pop and the soulful expression of R&B that poured from Motown & Stax. While paying tribute to the music he loves, yet expanding beyond tradition in sound and arrangement, Jones has created a fresh musical melting pot of modern rock, pop, and soul. 

Cover portrait by Matt Cosby. Live shots by Bones & Glory - Alain Cazenave.



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Love What You Love

by Zach Jones

Love What You Love is the fifth album from Zach Jones. With keyboard and guitar driven, melodic, rock/ pop songs, loaded with hooks, harmony, pounding drums, and pumping bass; Love What You Love marks a return to Jones’s power-pop roots. 

Love What You Love continues to explore themes of love, life, relationships, and growing older. It attempts to examine life’s hardships and complications through the eyes of a positive lens and address how the things we perceive as being negative, can actually strengthen our positive experiences.